tom watts.

developer / designer

Product Designer & Frontend Developer with 10 years experience. Focused on creating thoughtful and perceptive products with attention to detail.

Living in Perth, working as a Design Engineer at — designing software that detects anomolous behaviour to empower security teams.

what i do.

UI Development

I build precise mobile-first UI's that are picture-perfect for any device or screen. I value semantics, best practices and super clean code.

Frontend Engineering

Experienced with React, Vue, Angular and more. My strength is less in data/optimisation/algorithms, and more in producing a great user experience with a focus on code clarity and maintainability.

UI Design

A pixel perfectionist, I sweat the details in everything I design to make elegant, constistent and thoughtful interfaces that live in service of a great UX.

UX Design

I take complex business needs and user requirements and synthesize them into clear, unobtrusive and frictionless user experiences.

Driven by solving complex problems with an invisible and effortless experience.


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